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Ip is on https://minecraftpocket-servers.com/server/65210/
This server is reopened!
Welcome to the city of life!
Looking for a calm peaceful city to spend your hours on?
You're out of luck! ?
Titan City is a crazed leet city is full of vampires, ghouls, drug dealers and gangsters,
in amongst nerds, cheerleaders, doctors, artists and police.
This crazed city is full of drama, drugs and naughty business! ?
Run around as a vampire eating little nerds.
Be a doctor and heal the wounded.
Be a unicorn pooping out skittles.
Be whatever the hell you want! ?
Loads of players have experienced this havoc filled server, so why don't you?
Goodluck surviving in this crazed city.
See you shortly,
-Aye_Itz_Jacob14 ?
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