MCPE Seed: NewFun | Double Village

The spawn in this seed is in front of a double village. To your left is a big mesa biome. The only thing separating the village and the mesa biome is a river which passes through the landscape.

In the village located on the furthest left you will find the following things in the blacksmith’s chest:

2 emeralds
2 apples
2 bread loaves
1 iron chest plate
In the other village’s chest you will find the following items. So as you can see both of the chest offer two quite good looting opportunities.

2 iron pickaxes
1 iron sword
3 ink sacks
1 bread
The surrounding area is a variety of multiple biomes: mesa, desert, flat landscape and even a flowery grass landscape.

Alex Skin Comes to Minecraft PE

Play as Alex on Minecraft PE

Mojang, the creators of Minecraft Pocket Edition, are releasing a new skin to all versions of Minecraft on Wednesday. You’ve always been able to play as Steve. Now you’ll also be able to play as Alex. She has thin arms, red hair and a ponytail.

Find out more about this new update to Minecraft PE on the Mojang blog.