Another Month, Maybe Longer

Bad news for those that there were hoping for more Realms slots to open.

Amir Moulav, Realms Lead Developer, was asked today on Twitter, “When are the next server slots going to be out?” Amir responded with, “Not until we fix our current bugs. Maybe in a month or so..”

Realms Slots on Friday?

I’m sure everyone was hoping to be running their own MCPE Realms server by now but, unfortunately, it looks like it’s going to be a slower process than expected. The good news is that there may be more slots opening Friday. Minecraft Pocket Edition developer,Johan Bernhardsson, tweeted, “Parts of the Realms team are out of the office for a couple of days so we will see how the Realms test have gone on Friday.”

MCPE 0.7.1 Update Released

Two days after the release of 0.7.0, we now have the release of Minecraft PE 0.7.1. Just a lot of bug fixes here so make sure you update your game. One nice feature is that there’s actually a notice telling you if there are no available Realms server slots. That’s quite a bit more helpful than the previous blank screen with no information.