Minecraft PE Servers: When?

There’s a strong possibility that Mojang will release the latest update of Minecraft Pocket Edition on June 6th. Here’s what Minecraft Pocket Edition developer Johan Bernhardsson had to say: “It will take a couple of weeks until it will be released. I’m hoping for the 6th of June.” I’m hoping for the same! How about you? Do you think we can expect Minecraft PE to be updated on June 6th?

A Longer Wait for Minecraft PE Update?

The last we heard, it was going to be a mid May release for the next update of Minecraft Pocket Edition. That may or may not happen now. It could turn out to be closer to the end of the month rather than the middle.

Johan Bernhardsson, Minecraft Pocket Edition developer, tweeted today, “One more annoying bug to fix before the submit, hopefully by the end of next week or early the next one.”

Keep in mind that it usually takes between one to two weeks for updates to go through Apple before being released through the app store. This will put the Realms update in our hands sometime between the third and fourth weeks of May, possibly even so far as the first week of June.

Unfortunately, it looks like we’re all going to be waiting just a bit longer before we can play on Minecraft Pocket Edition’s new Realms servers.

Minecraft PE Among Top 25 ios iPad Apps

With Apple about to hit 50 billion app downloads, they’ve released a list of the top 25 all-time paid iPad apps. Minecraft Pocket Edition has made the list, coming in at number 15. This puts Minecraft Pocket Edition in such company as Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Words With Friends. Not too shabby for a game that’s still in alpha development.

Where will Minecraft PE be when the app store hits a trillion downloads? My money is on the number one slot.