Minecraft Pocket Edition Sells 10 MIllion Copies

The announcement was made by Mojang today that Minecraft Pocket Edition has sold over 10 million copies. This is a huge milestone for Minecraft Pocket Edition, as it’s getting ever closer to catching up with sales for the other versions of Minecraft combined.

This is what Johan Bernhardsson, Minecraft Pocket Edition developer, had to say on twitter about the announcement: “Awesome! 10 million players of Pocket Edition!” I agree with his response: Awesome!

When Will Minecraft PE Update?

The newest release of Minecraft Pocket Edition is not going to be here as soon as expected. MCPE developer Johan Bernhardsson tweeted that there are some bugs that were overlooked. He now says that the release of Pocket Edition, with the new Realms servers, should be around the middle of May.

So… it looks like we’re waiting.

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MCPE Realms Is On The Way

The latest release of Minecraft Pocket Edition. version 7.0, should be submitted this week. This is what MCPE developer Johan Bernhardsson said today. He tweeted “Starting to look better. Hopefully we can submit this week!” Here’s the picture he posted:

It looks like we have one more change to look forword to in this latest MCPE update. Nothing too exciting but there will be a new GUI that you’ll interact with before you start your game. You’ll either choose to play your game the standard way you’ve always played Minecraft Pocket Edition or you can choose to “Play on Realms.”

If Mojang submits the latest edition of Minecraft Pocket Edition this week, as they’re planning on, then we can expect to be playing on the new Realms servers within two weeks. We don’t know how much it will cost to play on Realms, yet, but at least we’ve got a good time frame.

What are you looking forward to with the newest update to MCPE? Is it the Realms servers? Maybe it’s the long-awaited addition of buckets? Let us know below in the comments.

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