Realms is Here!

You probably already know that Minecraft Pocket Edition version 7.0 was just released. We’ll have more details on it later. In the meantime, we’ll be testing out the new update.

Check out our Minecraft PE Realms Server Listings or list your own MCPE server.

Have fun!

  • Sacmanjones

    how do u get servers

    • James

      It’s hard to tell. It depends on a couple of factors. One, the person running the server needs to whitelist you. That all depends on them. Two, who knows how quirky these Realms servers are right now. Mojang likes to put things out in the wild before they’re fully tested. Your best bet is to looks for newest servers that are added to the site and contact them. In you message, you might want to ask them to let you know once you’ve been whitelisted. Good luck getting on!

  • breadfishTC

    so how long for them to whitelist u

  • Mineshaftcraft

    where is browse servers tab?

  • Spike44791

    To many creepers are spawning I love them but my god o.0

  • Spike44791

    If I get a sever there going to kill every one

  • Deanna

    whitelist me please

  • @InsaneGaming02

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  • Christina

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  • Blueblaze900

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  • Tahamty

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  • artem

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  • Logan Moore

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  • Samuel Ortiz

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  • Jacqueline Martinez

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