More Realms Slots Coming

Good news! Johan Bernhardsson, Minecraft Pocket Edition developer, tweeted this earlier today: “Making some fixes to Realms and then hopefully we can start to open up a few slots. We will build up slow.”

  • Unique_447

    can u inv me I want this badly
    MCPE user name:Unique_447

    pls invite me

  • Tyrell Cayaditto

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    Phone:Lg Optimus L9
    Minecraft:full(0.7.1 alpha)

  • Fastspeed Fallon

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  • Christopher Corkill

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  • typicallyssdfcf

    Hi, I hope you noticed that I haven’t been invited to a realms server and I was really looking forward to playing in multiplayer online game because I never done one on minecraft pocket edition before.May you please invite me to your servers I heard realms sound pretty cool and I would love to join by the way my username is typicallyssdfcf.

  • typicallyssdfcf

    I also forgot ,
    Version:full (0.7.1 alpha)
    Device: Kindle fire (HD)
    Minecraft pe username: typicallyssdfcf

  • alexcrax117

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  • Michael Rider

    version:full (0.7.2)
    Device:droid razr
    WiFi & 4G
    Minecraft PE username: minecraftsuprme

    and yes thats the user name not a typo

  • Applestolic

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    Device:iPod touch and iPad
    Mcpe username: applestolic

  • akspartinarmy1

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  • Therealstory

    Invite me and i will build u a hunger games map
    Kindle fire
    Username: xpholo
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  • natethekidrs

    Invite me to the hunger games I saw a lot of people play it on pc and it looks fun

  • natethekidrs

    My user name is nate I would like to play the hunger games

  • natethekidrs

    We should ask the person who made this to let us go to the servers

  • natethekidrs

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  • natethekidrs

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  • Jenny Salty

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    • natethekidrs


  • natethekidrs

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  • craftersman123

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  • coolman

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  • Guest

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  • Guest

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  • Demy

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  • natethekidrs

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  • natethekidrs

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  • natethekidrs

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  • Seanzilla__

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  • Micheal Barre

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  • Yvonne yap

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  • Dee

    Hi can someone plz invite me to a realm my username is deelovessnap Thanks x

  • malcolm buckley

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  • warrior

    What’s the discussion about Bros