MCPE 0.7.1 Update Released

Two days after the release of 0.7.0, we now have the release of Minecraft PE 0.7.1. Just a lot of bug fixes here so make sure you update your game. One nice feature is that there’s actually a notice telling you if there are no available Realms server slots. That’s quite a bit more helpful than the previous blank screen with no information.


  • Mineshaftcraft

    Where can i download 0.7.1??

    • James

      If you have the game installed on an Android device, go to the Google play store. If you have an Apple device, go to the App Store. It should show that you have apps that need updating. Or search for Minecraft Pocket Edition in either device’s respective app store. You should be able to update from the main Minecraft Pocket Edition page in the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Hope this helps!

      • Mineshaftcraft

        Tnks i updated it!!

  • jack.frearson97

    How do I join a server?


    to join do u need an invitation? Thanks.

    • Hunter12987

      Please invite me


    i know now, tell someone with a server and ask to be invited if any one has one pls invite me Etahnn, thx i will help you play. Thanks.

  • littlemissbailey

    can you send me an invite thanks

  • Adam

    Can anyone invite me

  • Adam


  • ZexyZeklover

    Invite me

  • rafael

    Join in my server the ip is:

  • caleb

    add me please

  • caleb

    by the way is this a realms if so I don’t have realms can I still join?

  • natethekidrs

    I will mine for someone if they let me join there server

  • louis graham

    Please send me an invite


    please white list me Etahnn………………..

  • Rein

    How do we make a server in minecraft pe I want to make a server for my friends

  • Kendall Holmes

    Anyone has oovoo